Da Kine Hauling, LLC is a hauling and courier service based out of Williamsburg, Virginia. We provide high-quality customer service and have well-trained staff with years of experience on our team. Our focus is Aloha. Da Kine Hauling is a family-owned business who have roots in Hawai'i and strive to continue ancestral traditions and values. 

Time To Haul

If you are interested in our services, please navigate to the "Our Services" tab to request a quote. If you have specific circumstances or general inquiries, navigate to the "Contact Us" tab.

Areas of Service

There is almost nowhere we won't go to spread our Aloha! For reference, the map below shows our starting point. We service the entire East Coast, South, and Mid-West. We are able to complete more than one haul at a time, so while we're in Georgia, we just might be able to swing by Arkansas and loop back to the East Coast area to drop off both hauls. Inquire with us!